Get Ready for the MYTHIC
Basketball Tournament 2024

Dear MYTHIC Community

Get ready to dribble, shoot, and score because the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2024 is just around the corner! It’s time to showcase your skills, compete with fellow members, and experience the thrill of the game like never before.

Win Big at the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2024!

Are you ready to shoot for glory and win fantastic prizes? Don’t miss your chance to claim victory on the court and take home exciting rewards at the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2024. Beyond the game, your participation will also contribute to a meaningful cause.

Championship Trophy:

The winning team will receive a prestigious championship trophy, engraved with their team name and the year of victory. This trophy symbolizes their remarkable achievement and serves as a lasting memento of their success.

Cash Prize:

In addition to the trophy, the winning team will receive a generous cash prize as a reward for their outstanding performance. The cash prize will be a substantial amount, reflecting the significance of their victory and providing tangible recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Support a Social Cause:

By participating in the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament, you are also supporting a significant social cause. A portion of the funds raised will go towards establishing a digital classroom in Africa. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide, providing essential technology and resources to empower future generations.

Creation of Digital Classroom:

The creation of the digital classroom in Africa will provide students with access to modern educational tools and the internet, enhancing their learning experience and opportunities. Your involvement in the tournament helps make this impactful project a reality, contributing to a better and more connected world.

MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 3 vs 3 Rules

The tournament is organized under the following rules & regulations :

Previous Tournament 2023

Reflecting on the Thrills of the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2023

Last year’s tournament was a slam dunk success! Teams battled it out with fierce determination, showcasing their talent and teamwork on the court. As we gear up for another exhilarating event, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the unforgettable moments from the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2023.

Winning Team of Tournament 2023

Congratulations to the Champions of the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2023!

In an electrifying showdown, [Wining Team Name] emerged victorious as the champions of the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2023! Their skill, strategy, and teamwork propelled them to glory, earning them the coveted title and bragging rights until the next tournament.


Join us for the MYTHIC Basketball Tournament 2024 and be part of the action-packed excitement! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, there’s a place for you on the court. Don’t miss your chance to shoot hoops, make memories, and celebrate the love of basketball with the MYTHIC community. See you on the court!

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