Working with the ministry of Defense Ivory Coast

Seven years ago, I undertook a business trip to Ivory Coast which marked a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey. My objective was to meet Alain Donvahi, the former Minister of Defense, who was actively looking for a reliable partner to collaborate in the construction of the General Staff map. Through this article, I wish to share the lessons and experiences I learned from this remarkable adventure

The Initial Connection

The journey began with a connection that transcended borders and cultures. Alain Donvahi’s vision for the General Staff card aligned perfectly with the expertise and capabilities of my company. The first meetings were marked by a shared commitment to excellence, and it quickly became clear that our collaboration had the potential to become not just a business, but a partnership built on trust and mutual respect.

Navigation the business Landscape

Ivory Coast’s dynamic and vibrant business landscape presented both opportunities and challenges. The country’s economic growth was palpable, with a booming infrastructure development sector and a government eager to foster partnerships for progress. However, understanding local intricacies, regulatory frameworks and cultural entanglements was crucial to the success of our business.

Cultural Immersion

An essential aspect of any successful business is the ability to embrace and understand the local culture. During my stay in Ivory Coast, I took the time to immerse myself in the rich traditions, cuisine, and social fabric of the country. Building relationships with local stakeholders and community members proved invaluable, fostering a sense of camaraderie and ensuring our project had a positive impact beyond its economic aspects.

Negotiations and Agreements

Negotiating the terms of our partnership with Alain Donvahi’s team required a delicate balance between assertiveness and flexibility. The negotiations focused not only on financial aspects, but also on the alignment of our visions and objectives. Clear communication and commitment to transparency have played a central role in establishing a solid foundation for our collaboration.

Overcoming Challenges

No business journey is without its share of challenges. From navigating bureaucratic hurdles to overcoming logistical complexities, each obstacle was an opportunity to demonstrate resilience and determination. Our ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances has strengthened the bonds between our team and that of Alain Donvahi, creating a feeling of unity in the face of adversity.

Legacy and Future Collaborations

Reflecting on this transformative business trip to Ivory Coast, I feel a sense of accomplishment. The General Staff map project is not only a testimony to our successful partnership with Alain Donvahi, but also a symbol of our shared commitment to progress and development. Looking to the future, I am optimistic about the potential for future collaborations that transcend borders and contribute to the continued growth of our businesses and the communities we serve.

The entrepreneurial journey is a tapestry woven with experiences, challenges and triumphs. My business trip to Ivory Coast, the meeting with Alain Donvahi and the collaborative effort to build the General Staff map, remains a highlight of my career. It reinforces the belief that true success is not just measured in financial terms, but in the lasting impact we can create through meaningful partnerships and contributions to the communities with which we interact. As I continue to navigate the ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape, I carry with me the lessons learned and relationships forged during this memorable trip to Ivory Coast.


Yannick Tchoum is passionate creative, who is the Founder, Chairman & C.E.O. @ The Tchoum Group. He leads the vision and oversees the management of all subsidiaries companies under the holding's umbrella